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Friends! If you’re on the #MMmob mailing list ( sign up here ), you’ve already heard about this, it’s part of the perks of being on that list. A first crack if you will. Now we’re putting the call out to all of our fans. We want you to help us make a music video.

As we’re gearing up for the release of our next album, we’re thinking of ways to make the music standout online, and we’re hoping to have DIY music videos for every song – to coincide with the release. We’ve got something special in mind for one song in particular, DREAD IN MY HEART, which you can hear the demo for at this youtube link:

We’re asking for short, homemade clips of you, our fans, and your lovely faces.

The idea is to capture a myriad of raw, candid emotion of different varieties on different faces that we’ll bundle together and put to the music. Just like Jasmin does below.

Here’s the specs:

- emotions to choose from: happy, sad, bored, ecstatic, distraught, natural, blank, dread, terrified, crying, confused etc..

- clear, well lit, head shot video clip

- can use any kind of video recorder: hand held, iphone etc…

- please don’t add effects.

- please try and capture just one emotion

- please don’t exceed 20 seconds

How to Submit

Email it, with the Subject line “Dread in My Heart Video” to:
mothermothermusic [at]  (if the file is too large try using or )

Questions? Send them our way!

- MM