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We assembled our assemblage in Halifax to christen the onset of this beautiful adventure a roaring success due much in part to the magnanimous horde of Haligonians present at show 1 of 23.

Also paramount to the millpond feng shui is the consummate collection of professionals and friends we’ve so luckily procured for this wild excursion – Emmet Stutt, our logistical and sonic black belt, encompassing the sound-man and tour managerial duties, is joined by George Gorton, our luminous and prodigious lighting director, combined with Mr. Hodges, master of all trades, Jack to none, but Andy to everyone, our multifarious stage manager.  Lastly but not lastly is Josh Briand, our affable and mathematical merchandise manager to complete a melange of astutes that make a truly fantastic team.  Thank you fellas for joining us.

Peripheral, but crucial to the insular peninsula of the #STICKSTOUR is the enchanting opening act of @HANNAHGEORGAS and her band of strapping gentlemen.  We couldn’t be happier to have such a fiercely talented and lovely ensemble of humans accompanying us on this euphonious peregrination.

Should you be joining us on one of our many stops, do come early to catch Hannah as you will not be disappointed.  After an early morning flat tire in rural Quebec, we are eager to arrive in the Province Capital for a day of gazing at castles and entrechating down cobblestone streets.


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